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So….I just asked this guy that I’m currently talking to what he was doing for Easter and he responded with, “Going to dinner with you if I have the money.”

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-The Sewol is listed at 146 meters long and with a gross tonnage of almost 7,000 tons

-3 company sent a cranes and one of it is samsung (despite rumor say he will lost 90billions for it)

-78 Ansan Danwon  High School student were rescued but 164 is total number on board.

-no one was save overnight as report this morning

IN BRIEF: A passenger ferry capsized and sank of the coast of South Korea today with more than 470 passengers on board. So far 28 casualties have been confirmed, 179 people have been rescued, and 268 people are still missing.

*** All times are Korean time ***

12.41pm: The death toll has now risen to 28 and the ferry has disappeared from view, possibly suggesting that existing air pockets inside the ferry have collapsed.

12.18pm: The potential death toll in the Sewol ferry disaster is 296, significantly higher than the 239 people on board the disappeared Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

12.12pm: There are conflicting reports as to whether divers have already entered the Sewol ferry. the newest say non of the diver ever enter the hull

how long will they hold up?? 

i hope the airlock system is function so there is high chance for more survivor in airpocket.




140415 VChart Awards Donghae

Relief goods sent today by ELF for ferry tragedy.

Relief goods sent today by ELF for ferry tragedy.



Leeteuk’s sister, Park Inyoung, is going to Jindo County (where the ferry sank) to do voluntary work.




we could be married with like 4 kids and i’d still be too scared to text you first

Guys! 3 out of 4 cranes have arrived at the port today, hopefully be able to lift the ferry somehow~ let’s continue to pray for the safety of those who are still inside the boat…